Tyrion surrenders to the bliss of free energy

I have the privilege of working with horses these days, which, if you know me well, you will know is somewhat unbelievable. Not because I was not into horses and not because I was terrified of horses. Nope. Because I was rather uncomfortably highly allergic to all things horse. I couldn't even stand at the fence and watch them without breaking out in hives and scratching, sneezing, nose running, eyes streaming, skin-crawling and swelling. Being around horses from a young age was quite an ordeal for me and so I never really thought in my wildest dreams... that I would be hopelessly and completely in love with them; and working with them as much as possible.

To be fair I also never thought I would be an energy coach and healer so it just goes to show that our limited beliefs and ideas can get totally overhauled with the right kick in the butt.

My nudge into the world of Equus happened quite by chance and it is important to mention that sometimes the course of our soul's journey is best left to the divine universe. I was asked to space clear a stable and got into quite a panic on the way there trying to 'mentally manage' how I was going to actually be of any value due to my aforementioned allergic reactivity. I was repeatedly 'told' to relax and that it would be okay... I listened to my guide and trusted the wisdom of the universe and my soul journey - was having a 'human mind' moment with what I thought was a solid fact.

That day I arrived at the stable. Cleared 20 stalls, feed area, office and tack shed, and... 14 horses. I had the privilege of touching and giving them all Reiki and finding out a mindblowing fact... over and above the 'OH my goodness - I am no longer allergic to horses - at all!' I learned that horses have personalities (Not sure I even had any thoughts about this. They were Horses. Humans and dogs and cats had personalities.). I was fabulously stunned and speechless (this is a very rare occurrence). And to totally topple any kind of rubbish I had previously imagined or thought about horses - they had emotions, communication, and thoughts. They were as complicated and interesting and funny and quirky as us upright humans! What a shock.

What was even more surprising is how easily and powerfully the energy moved through me into the horses. There was a quality to it that I had not felt before and it was like it was denser and felt more tangible. I walked away on a high. Okay, I was smitten! Stoaked. Sold. Get this girl a horse.

What happened over the next months that followed was completely 'off script' and I am ever so grateful for the amazing stud owner who gave me the initial opportunity to work with more of their horses. I learned so much and each time I worked with a horse or a group of them I would walk back through the paddock or stable on an energy zapped high. What was happening to me? I watched my sessions closely and I realised that as I was letting the energy flow through, just before I ended the sessions the horses would send the energy back to me. What? I had no frame of reference for what was happening. I realised that even when I made a conscious effort to stop the energy coming to me it would still flow through and I would feel amazing afterward. Walking back from each session totally in awe and in love.

Over a year later I can honestly say that in a lifetime one could perhaps know a lot about horses but the scope of the subject is just so huge I couldn't hope to know nearly enough to sound vaguely 'in the know'. However, I know energy. The rest I can ask the horse experts and vets for. I feel/see where the chakras are and I know what organs and endocrine systems they relate to and influence. I work through intuition, empathic guidance, and 'listen' to my hands. To have a system that helps a horse and rider is so important. We all need a full circle, 360-degree nourishment plan; physical food, minerals, vitamins, hydration, exercise, training, attention, affection, and energy attunement. We also need to cleanse, balance, and detox; diet, emotions, physical, mental, and our subtle energy body. We are body, mind, and spirit/soul/being/divine energy.

I get to visit an amazing friend who owns a farm which has become a Forever Sanctuary for horses... and donkeys and well, loads of other creatures - 'god made them all'... There is always a willing horse and this last weekend Tyrion was one of the many. My hands literally 'light up' as I walk into the paddock among these majestic creatures. While working on Tyrion he surrendered so beautifully and fully into the session he was almost leaning on me with all his weight, lower lip loose and hanging, eyes almost shut and head dropped forward as he let me flow energy into him freely. I find myself wondering and marveling at how open horses are to 'freebies' - to getting energy healing. Some of the horses I have worked with have been through some terribly shocking conditions and experiences and have been mistreated due to ignorance mostly (not by the current owners I need to point out!) They are a little apprehensive in the initial stages of our connection but all have completely and utterly relaxed and surrendered to free 'good vibes'. Now that is something we 'upstanding' humans could learn from.

If I could give any rider, owner, trainer, lover, handler any advice it is this.

  • Watch your words

  • Watch your thoughts

  • Watch your emotions

Your horse is 'listening' and literally tasting/feeling/sensing your energy and it affects them, offsets them, and sometimes unnerves them. Sometimes this is actually the difference between the rosette and the road home. The difference between performance and performance. This is how we support a horse so that they can step into their best. Their highest self. By being your highest whole self.

How wonderful to be able to come to your horse with no judgments, no assumptions, no fear. Yes, they are huge. Yes, they are powerful, and .... well we are flesh and blood. But I have walked into stalls with 'biters and kickers' and felt such deep gratitude and peace and love and affection from the horse it is almost impossible to think they are capable of 'lashing out' or reacting. I am aware that anything can happen. Horses have very strong survival instincts.

So Tyrion floated in a daze and I got to be amazed all over again at the capacity to heal and be whole and to help and be helped. For a 30 min equus energy session, I think that Kicks-Butt!

Just for today: Let the good vibes flow.

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