Soul self confidence

Self confidence that comes from your soul.

The more we are connected to our source, our soul, our highest self, the more at ease we are with and who we are. The less we identify with our structured personality, made up of things we have seen, heard, overheard, been told, perceived and believed the less we find ourselves separated from our true nature. Our true nature is expansive and completely safe and in harmony with everything and everyone. We stop comparing ourselves with others - with ideas, with ideals. We live unstructured and free from programme.

Our soul self confidence rests in the knowledge that we are enough just as we are, without artifice or attachment. Our soul self confidence can never be harmed and is continually learning and growing. Our personality is also learning and growing but it feels more painful and feels harder as we identify lessons as against us or bad or wrong. When we identify with an idea or thought and it is not comfortable or nice we feel pain and we in-turn want to blame someone or we validate why so that we can know the cause, and then blame that.

This is a way of separating from the message, the lesson or the effect of our part in the energetic exchange. We don't want to be part of the reason something painful or hurtful or terrible has happened to us. This would undermine our self, our personality's self confidence needs it to be someone else's doing so we can feel safe with our idea of who and what we are.

If we rather stay open and curious and sit in wonder... wonder how things have played out the way they have, and what in our energy, thinking and action brought about this particular situation, person, interaction, pain.

When we don't assign GOOD or BAD or RIGHT or WRONG to it and we take blame out of the conversation we can access a clearer view of how things played out and what we are responsible for. How we can access growth from it and not shame and guilt or hate and ridicule. Blame, 'right' or 'wrong' are walls blocking us from healing and understanding and growing into the light. Understanding is not necessarily academic comprehending the whole of it. But 'seeing' or observing that it is neither FOR or AGAINST us. It just is. How we feel about it gives us a position or perspective that either causes us pleasure or pain.

When we see it as against us and see it as belittling us or not respecting WHO we are. When we feel the pain of the situation or slight from a person we are under the influence of the small fragile personality, the paper thin self confidence which is easily burned, crushed or discarded. We can only feel this way if we loose sight of the fact that it doesn't matter about anything or anybody - we are enough and nothing can harm, hurt or change our true nature, our soul self.

When we build our lives from the truth and knowledge that we are perfectly acceptable and deeply lovable just as we are, we build connections not walls. When we let our soul self confidence lead we attract others who are more loving and open and connected and see growth as opportunity. We find our soul brothers and sisters and we shoulder our own energetic (karma) cause and effect of our own choices as we know that we are all just learning and growing together and that mistakes are not slashes on our 'self', not bad marks on our personality. If we learn to shrug, learn and move towards the light with each 'mis-step' we will move into our soul energy and then our self confidence will not come from a construct but from our divine, spiritual spark of god. We will have soul self confidence.

Just for today: Look in the mirror and ask your soul to guide your self. Lead with your heart - lead with your soul.

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