Sometimes we need - Drive-thru 'heal my life'!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Ever feel like you wish you could get Drive-thru 'Heal my life'? Me too!

There are days where doing the job of wearing those big girl panties and showing up as my highest evolved self feels like threading a needle in a hurricane! We have advanced from chicken on-the-go to drive-thru coffee... why, oh why, do we not have 'fix this sh!t now' drive-thru for our messy heads and lives?

I have had some days where I feel like life is flowing so perfectly in harmony with a divine order and then there are those days where you wish you had a 'My Life - Help' function that came with FAQ that really did fix it in a flash.

I have had those days... a few to be fair. Where I felt like I had a handle on all the ducks in a row and balls in the air only to be left standing in a puddle of frustrated tears from the overwhelming feeling of complete lunacy, too many 'browser tabs' open and, 'too old for these life lessons'... Trying to parent, teach, work, guide, feed said ducklings, clean, be a fun mum, discipline, remain sexy, look on the bright side, turn lemons into bond payments, be a supportive ex-wife, exercise, educate myself, heal others, listen to the universe, coach, clean, parent, feed/nourish self, understand WIX, understand SEO, breathe, hug someone/anyone on a lowdown, hydrate, garden, bathe, finish painting half finished house, teach children how to clean, parent, sleep, heal my self, breathe...

Glennon Doyle Melton's quote, "Life is Brutiful" - Beautiful and Brutal makes me think of the rainbow after the storm. As I let those tears cleanse my soul and forgive myself for all the things that I can't seriously get done in a day. I know we all have the emotional capacity for deep peace and also turmoil and disconnect. These are not just nebulous things - they are chemicals that flow into our bodies and letting them out is so important. The Downs are just less intense these days and the Ups are lekker mellow. There is a lot less cray cray but no matter where you are on your journey you gonna have those days. Somehow I thought that becoming more energetically soul aligned would exempt me from being human...

Many years ago my head was a very busy messy place and I am gloriously grateful that I discovered guided mediation and incorporated it into my sanity happy soul diet. I have decided that for me this is as close to 'Drive-thru Heal my life' one can get. Yes, there are 'Scheduled' options and the not such a good idea 'street corner' options but I prefer my own body to produce its own 'stuff'. The chemicals your body can produce can put even our beloved Caffeine to shame!

So just for today - Grab a 'Drive-thru' bio-chemical pick me up ... guided meditation style! Love and light - rock your might.

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