Good vibes literally change our body

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Driving from my sleepy laid-back home town Howick to Durban can be one of the most harrowing experiences in one's lifetime. For those that don't know this stretch of highway... It is like a 'Fast and Furious' full-frontal. The massive trucks have been on the road for hours or days and are itching to get to their destination - now so close they can taste it. The flashy fast cars are giving it full tilt and the smaller but equally 'driven' VW Golf and Polo-like cars are brining their gone in 60 seconds into 'your space'. Cutting off your sanity, safety, and serenity with moves that might be cool on camera but have your nerves jangled and your hackles in a bunch!

This is where my love for frequency and vibration and my dependence on its brilliance keeps me not just sane and safe, but also singing and sending good vibes and great chemistry to my body... and more interestingly to all those around me!

How does frequency and good vibes help you stay sane in your lane and keep the trucks, polos, and flashy fast cars far from your 'happy space'? It is both simple and complicated.

Firstly your thoughts create your body. Or as Deb Shapiro's book states: Your body speaks your mind. Nobody ever made you feel anyway ever. We choose to feel this way or that given what we believe, which hinges off whether or not we choose to be offended, excited, outraged, incited, hurt, eroded, curious, shamed, guilty, happy, loving, connected, unfazed, immovable, resentful, retributive... the list is endless.

Depending on how strong our inner 'self' is and how valuable or worthy we feel we will either take things personally (the act or statement) has in some way 'damaged' or 'undermined' our 'SELF'. When we find ourselves being outraged and angry and wanting to 'teach' the offending person/driver a lesson - what we are actually dealing with is: "That person doesn't respect me. That person could have caused me harm. That person doesn't 'see me' and thinks they are more important than me." This thinking process comes out of a lack-attitude or a belief that YOU have been attacked, or are vulnerable. That is not saying that dangerous driving is not ... dangerous. What it means is that when we are in sync with our true self and are not 'important' but rather valuable and worthy we are not affected by every slight in word, deed, or act. We remain grounded in the foundation that we are perfect (not in the better than others) and valuable by virtue of being born as you.

When we allow the drivers and 'offenders' to pass us by and simply correct our line or lane to accommodate our own safety without freaking out and throwing fist and four-letter words at them we basically choose good vibes, great chemistry, and better results. That is not to say we don't get the initial hit of adrenaline and our fight-or-flight brain doesn't want to take the wheel. It is an amazing act of 'defiance' with the foundation of 'I choose not to let your (insert adjective ... ignorance, aggressive, mindless, selfish, dangerous. etc) actions create havoc in this one beautiful body of mine. I do not give you my power - cause ME is not a shakey idea built on my job title, brands I wear, car I drive, social status. ME, I am driving to Durban and enjoying my time alone with my tunes in this car. Simple.

When you let what happens get to you ... two things happen. More of the same (frequency match - bam! More 'bad' drivers, frustrating traffic, people and situations) and you fill your amazing beautiful body full of aging, negative vibe chemistry which exhausts your body of energy and even goes towards wrinkles, skin dullness, grey hair, foggy brain, cortisol muffin top and many other 'arrggggggg' side effect. You literally let that VW polo or Semi moment create your body and change your mind and happiness. YOU. Only you have the power to decide to believe this or that. To then ruminate on it for the rest of the trip or to release it and thus 'them' and sing yourself back into sanity and serenity.

The second part of this equation is the vibes that come from outside of your body. The tunes. What you listen to deeply affects your body and mind. We know this all too well with fast music fast driving. I am completely a beat-driven person. While I work on a graphic design urgent job I will often listen to a high tempo track to shivvy me along. Beats, frequency, vibes all affect us and we can use them to our advantage or they can be the supporting soundtrack to a nice fat speeding fine.

Beats! More specifically, binaural beat technology, discovered in 1839 by the German physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, is an amazingly simple way to entrain your body and mind to a different frequency for a different result. Dove discovered patients reported either alertness, restfulness, relaxation, and other such cognitive/emotional responses when exposed to different frequencies. Literally, the body would release chemicals that then created a change in the emotional state. Yes, so good vibes create good chemistry. But also ... when your whole body emits (through your electromagnetic field - EMF) good vibrations or higher emotionally charged vibrations through a raised emotional state, you attract a different vibration/person/driver ... situation. Literally.

It seems like a bunch of woo-woo rubbish but I challenge you to test it for yourself. There are loads of amazing 'good vibes' tracks to choose from. Stick with the ones that 'wake you up' if you are driving or just find a track from your fav band, artist which helps you feel inspired and in sync with life, flow and happiness. Blast it away and sing along or just let it soak into your system so you can start a better body, a blissful drive, and better chemistry; all with the use of good vibes.

Here is a list of the different frequencies (Hz) and their effect on our mind and body:

  • Delta pattern: Binaural beats in the delta pattern operate at a frequency of 0.5–4 Hz. Studies show that using this pattern can encourage deeper stages of sleep.

  • Theta pattern: Binaural Beats in the theta pattern operates at a frequency of 4–7 Hz. Theta patterns improved relaxation, mood, and creativity.

  • Alpha pattern: Binaural Beats in the alpha pattern is at a frequency of 7–13 Hz and have been shown to promote relaxation.

  • Beta pattern: Binaural Beats in the beta pattern is at a frequency of 13–30 Hz. This frequency improves concentration and alertness. However, it can also increase anxiety at the higher end of the range, so one needs to be mindful of using this kind of music.

  • Gamma pattern: This frequency pattern accounts for a range between 30–50 Hz. Studies show that these frequencies promote the maintenance of arousal while a person is awake. So if you want to be alert and improve concentration, Gamma is where that's at.

I make use of these not only in my guided meditations but also while I am driving. I use the good vibes (frequency) to concentrate and communicate (through EMF pattern match) wholeness and oneness and keep the scowling wrinkles away.

So just for today: Let the good vibes gear up your body.

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