Check your energy – It's not you; it's me!

When we sit on such a magnificent creature as a horse we are directly interacting in a very personal way with their subtle bio-energy body not just their physical body.

When you are riding on a horse do you have any understanding that your energy systems are impacting each other. That if your base energy centre is blocked and you are having self worth issues... your horse is picking this up and will be affected.

When I work with horses I 'check' the owner/handler/ riders energy system too and often I find that there is correlation and that when the human's energy is raised and unblocked and flowing the horse is much easier to partner with. It is a subtle-body dance of two energy systems that affect each other intimately.

You are also seated right between the horses' heart chakra/energy centre and their individual centre of power or solar plexus chakra. When we 'Master' a horse we unwittingly leave it feeling powerless in more ways than we can imagine and this actually impacts on the horses overall performance. The area the rider sits 'in' can be such a wonderful place of combined strength and communication, a place of communion. So if you are forcing your horse to perform at their best... consider your own energy.

Horses are also capable of deep emotional trauma and interestingly can help heal our bio-energy trauma or blocks. When we partner with a horse and our subtle bodies literally interface and mingle there is a transference of energy and information and sometimes due to the way horses 'give' so easily they then take on or shoulder our pain and blockages and 'stuckness'.

It is like any relationship. When we come to the other in a mess... we may find, to our surprise, that the other is also somewhat of a mess. All relationships need to have one very important factor - work on cleaning up our own messiness... clean 'home', clear our blocks, release our fears, find spaciousness and raise our vibration so that the partnership can bloom and you can both live your best life, as best beings. A partnership will THIRVE when the beings in it are thriving too.

Just for today: Check in with yourself – check in with your subtle bio-energy body, it has a direct impact on everyone and every being in your life.

Raise your VIBES. Get empowered. Be more effective.

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