Wishes can take on a life of their own - there is great power the simplest of dreams!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

When we glibly say: Be careful what you wish for - we really have no idea at the 'hidden' power in a wish. A whimsy, that illusive dream... it has a tendency to grow wings and if you let it fly, it will go off and make BABIES! Lots of them!

The dream will escalate and if you have not kept up with all the changes that come with manifesting your dreams you had better go now and put on those big girl panties! That is what has happened with my wish ... my dream.

That 5 year plan that manifested itself in 4 odd months and finds us now firmly planted in Howick in the misty midlands with a house we call home, a bond and an amazing riding backyard! I wanted to spend more time with my kids, as in – actually raising them – and with a strict officy 8 hour (advertisings 8 hours) J.O.B in a fast paced busy advertising company I felt like I was failing the one very important part of the reason we moved here .... to give our boys the slow life and to smell those roses. I tossed and turned the idea of not working in a 'structured' environment and each time I was left feeling like I might have to vomit a little.

I teach and help people to go after their dreams and break through old beliefs hidden alongside dust-bunnies under their beds. And I and a huge believer in manifesting stuff so why was this idea giving me such a tough time digesting. I grew up in a stable suburban home with a dad who worked hard for his/our lifestyle and a mum who always went the extra mile, salty crack month end or not. No real lack. I worked hard in school and I worked hard in my very short 6 months of varsity and I worked hard in Tech and I worked really really hard once I got a job. I have worked hard for other people for as long as I can remember. Hard is the verb, noun and adjective that is what best describes the way I do things in the 'working' fields. So much so that found myself in an emergency theatre having a life-saving ectopic rupture operation ... all because I was too busy working hard to go see a doctor. In this case hard = dead. Literally. When the doctor asked why I hadn't seen anyone sooner I 'lamely' replied that I was working hard to get a new client 'Wimpy' for my company that I worked for at that time .... eyeroll! YES.

Seriously how hard do we have to work to prove that we are invested in something, even Monty Python's living in a shoebox in the middle of the road didn't compare to how ridiculous my situation was.

It was from that moment on that I had an inkling that this working HARD was a little too dangerous and that I had better figure out how to work smart... or pick out a pine box in pink. Sobering thought!

So flash forward a lot of years ...and I am wrestling with the 'babies' that that wish, that dream has quietly produced. The first of which is - I am resigning from my full time 'safe' JOB to be that better parent I dreamed of being and also to give my workshops a bigger breathing space so that I can serve more people in an honesty meaningful way. I will be freelancing in design as well as for my current company but I will be falling more inline with my dream and my wish to heal and be helpful and bring joy to people.

Be careful what you wish for - if you do your part ... you just might get it and it might still scare the heck out of you. So... Just for today: do it anyway!

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