Breaking through walls that bar us from a lot of our dreams.

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I have broken through a wall; which began as a simple idea, a random musing, a heartfelt wish and is now a physical reality. The breakthrough itself is not the amazing part to me. What is, is how something non-manifest like a nebulous, insubstantial thought can become something very real, tangible and concrete. Something one can touch, photograph and even have memories of. Something that wasn't - became and then left it's mark again in the nothing through memories.

If this is confusing think about it like this. I rode through the hills of Howick looking over the breathtaking view and mused randomly 'I would love to live over there in that green field lit by the morning sun.' I made a 'lovers wish' where my heart played with the idea of this being my 'backyard' ride. I fantasised and grew a story from that single thought. I then gave myself a 'What if there were no parameters?' plan where I wrote and vision-boarded the life I would like there in Howick Village. I gave my 'God of my understanding' my plan, my idea, my dream, my fantasy and I told the two other people that could actually make this happen. God would work out the details and timing but I did my 'I live in the human physical world bit'. I invested in the idea by giving it lots of heart and soul and some mechanics. I had a basic 5 year plan.

6 months later, I received a phone call out of the 'blue' to say - Let's do this. Let's all raise our unusual family in Natal where they can ride the sun lit rolling hills and breathe in the fresh forest air. To say that this actual manifestation of my dream gave me the fright of my life would be an understatement. I mean, I have manifested loads of stuff and totally believe in the power of it but moving a whole, 3 co-parent, 2 kid and 2 dog family was ... in my mind a biggie! Hence the 5 year game plan! My how I had to reassess just how this stuff works!

It was, as it usually is with the biggie stuff, quite a wild thing and took on a bit of a life of its own. The 'rental' became - WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. The 5 year became 4 months. The move in winter was in hindsight ... perfect timing (despite having a couple of 'fall apart' moments of buyers remorse, due to the perceived horrific cold of our new Howick home) because when spring and then summer arrived I was wowed, wooed and awed at what beauty and warmth and explosion of life in and around me.

6 months down the line we have just broken through the living room to create a window between the living area and the kitchen and along with it I realised I broke through that mental wall from the dreaming something really really big (in my belief system) to living the actual tangible results of it.

We often think/believe that there are so many insurmountable obstacles and challenges in the way of our biggest dreams, our biggest desires and our wildest fantasy lives and selves. We play small and keep our 'ideas' as floating 'nothings' waiting in the wings cause we don't break through that wall - we need the idea - but we need to nudge that 'ball' by putting in our own 'sweat and planning', then let the details will take care of themselves. I love the insight from this interesting man who has taught me much about just being -

“... How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

So, I leave you at the beginning of a new year with a wish - that you would not make New Years Resolutions ... again ... but take one of your wild and heart felt dreams and write a 'What if this is totally possible? What if this could happen?'

Don't think about the hurdles and the reasons why it 'wont work out'... focus only on the miracle of the 'what if there are no barriers, money, distance, skill, etc' ... write a list, draw a picture, vision board it, figure out what you need to do from your side. Start living it as though it is totally a possibility and then let it manifest. Break through your own walls.

Just for today - Knock a hole in a wall that you have about something you want to do, be or experience. Be deliberate, be bold, Believe!

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