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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Some times we wake up feeling like a super hero and that the universe has something special in store for us and other days our feet hit the floor and that in itself is a huge struggle.

How we start anything often sets the tone for how successful or stressful it will be. Our days are no different. We can't always control the moods we wake up in - but we can control our choice to decided to stay in them, good or bad!

We can be aware of our moods, be the watcher, notice how we are feeling. Notice our thoughts without chastising or berating ourselves for our Meh or grumps. Just pay it detached attention with no - I am 'this or that'.

If you feel like it, you can name it - if you can - sometimes our mood is so illusive and sneaky it refuses to be named, just lurking around growling and sulking; never mind. It is just a feeling and the wonderful thing about feelings is they are by nature fleeting. (It is exceptionally difficult to be in ONE particular feeling or mood for an extended amount of time - Try being really furious for a whole day or more - eventually you end up being exhausted, then sad and then apathetic, maybe mindful and then maybe even optimistic... But you will have 'run out of' furious as it will have run its course. The same is true for all the emotions, feelings and moods that we have, good or not so good.)

Anyhow, naming or acknowledging the thought or mood is a kind of acceptance of it. This is often the first step in raising your mood by simply just letting it be. Stuffing down a feeling or mood is probably one of the most unhelpful, unhealthy things you can to for yourself. Just as denying someone else's feelings or mood is hurtful, it is also damaging for you too. Try not to do this. Be gentle with yourself. Don't label it 'good' or 'bad' - it just is.

However acceptance is not setting up camp and giving it a 3 course dinner with cheese and crackers! That is entertaining it and then it will be inclined to grow and stay longer thanks to your 'feeding it'. If you can picture it as a mental 'shrug'. An... 'Oh, there your are' or 'I see you' (without the scary movie tone of voice). Sometimes verbalising it to yourself in the mirror is helpful as then you are honouring the fact that you are allowed to have feelings and that they aren't all rainbows and unicorns.

Acceptance and acknowledgement is not joining the pity party and being the 'belle' of the Bleh ball. It is being human an having the wisdom to see and understand that we are feeling emotional beings. Emotion is a wonderful word and seeing that 'motion' is part of it that is what we can rely on. We can let the feeling out in a healthy way though talking about it and then we can look for opportunities to change it as we feel fit and ready to release it.

I find that when the 'Meh's' have me in the morning I take time to let it be. I then do some positive mirror work (I am not always in the 'oh yeh lets get chatting to myself in the mirror' mood. But it is such an important part of my waking routine and I know through many years of coming back from Bulimia and Body Dysmorphic Disease that mirror work is the strongest most powerful way through anything towards a better you, a better mood, a better belief system and a brighter day regardless of how you woke up!) I say something kind and nice and true to myself, ALOUD, and then if it feels awkward or 'untrue' I laugh a little and try again. I speak to the person looking back at me as though they are my friend, my lifelong, long suffering sometimes, partner in powering-on, friend. I say NICE KIND stuff to my reflection and I don't judge my statements or negate them with IF's or BUT's. I say it, giggle if it feels weird and then brush my teeth (What a blessing I actually have teeth to brush!)

On days where I am really low on energy, mood or just feel like my life path has got muddy I give it a little extra oompf! I laugh. Har Har! Yip, I laugh for no GOOD reason. Just cause I have a mouth and lungs and can. But there is why - I learned this little bit of 'amazingness' while in a post bad boyfriend break-up slump. It entailed wildly clapping in your car in traffic - obviously not moving at the time! - and laughing out loud, sometimes hysterically with 'pain and anger' but I always ended up with a real case of the giggles and feeling exhaustedly good afterwards. Who would of thought!?

Here is a little be of trivia: There is an amazing practice called Laughter therapy - Laughter not only provides a full-scale workout for your muscles, it unleashes a rush of stress-busting endorphins. AND... your body can't distinguish between real or fake laughter! According to studies, laughter has many amazing physical bonuses: It raises oxygen intake, stimulates your heart and lungs, relaxes muscles throughout your body, triggers the release of endorphins (YIPEEE! These are the body’s very own natural painkillers!) ... relieves pain, eases digestion, soothes stomach aches, balances blood pressure (great for countering a case of 'THE RAGES' - high blood pressure feelings), improves mental functions (as in less 'MENTAL' and more alert and creative and actual memory). And may just help you make friends. Just saying!

So we can't always decide what mood we are going to start the day in – BUT we do have this amazing superpower I like to call CHOICE, which gives us the advantage of spotting the MOOD, deciding to let it go and 'walk away' from it with gentle mirror work or BLASTING it into oblivion with a comic book style 'BAM' of laughter.

Just 4 today. Notice your mood and remember it is just an eMOTION and it can and will change ...

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