Start a new belief. Do it for your DNA.

How often have you been told - 'It runs in our family'? Diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, blood disorders, miscarriages, obesity, genius, creativity, longevity, athleticism? What if this were a list and we could choose the things that we inherit from our families by choice?

Here's the thing - we can!

Wow! WHAT. HOW. PICK ME! When I was first introduced to the idea of switching on or off a gene - I had just found out that I had 'switched on' Factor V Leiden (a blood clotting disorder), after my third miscarriage. Devastated and completely confused about what that meant for me, I threw myself into everything that could shed light onto 'Genes that willy-nilly switch themselves on and off'. Epigenetics.

So here is a very abbreviated version: The expression of a Gene is affected by the environment that surrounds them - A bit like hanging with the 'wrong crowd' affects you on every level dramatically. In an amazing way - thanks to breakthrough science in the study of genes - we now know that you are not on a sentence to naturally just 'get' what 'RUNS' in your family. You don't have to buy into the sometimes long held beliefs that ... 'it runs in your family'.

How do you get the environment to be 'loving' or 'nurturing' or 'switch on' the 'right' genes? By doing exactly that - it is your simple responsibility to create a nurturing 'fertile' environment in your body, mind and soul.

Here are a few of my favourite ones:

  1. Forgive yourself. Seriously! (You knew better, you didn't know better. It is in the past - Make an amend - Let it go.)

  2. Give your body the right nutrition and hydration - NO fad diets, just nourish your body with what it responds best to. Real food - prepared if possible by yourself, lovingly. Chew. Slowly. Don't just FEED yourself - NOURISH yourself!

  3. Take time to rest. AS IN DO NOTHING! Put that phone away!

  4. Create. Make stuff, anything! Just create something that can be as simple as colouring in a picture or write a book, a poem, paint a picture, knit a scarf, design a building, write some songs... just CREATE!

  5. Take stock of a situation - if it is not what you had hoped or anticipated or expected - breathe - ask yourself: Can I do anything, really tangible, right now to help or change this. If the answer is yes, do it. If it is no, as in: middle of the night worrying about it!!!! Then put it aside and you can pick it up in the morning / or not. Do not flood your beautiful body with the negative chemicals that worrying creates!

Just4today: Choose to start a new belief - choose LOVE to surround your beautiful genes.

With deepest thanks to Deepak Chopra & Rudolph Tanzi (SuperGenes), Louise L Hay (You can heal your life), Elizabeth Gilbert (Big Magic) and Christiane Northrup (What you believe changes your biology).

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