Say YES to the Universe

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Sometimes the things we fear doing or trying or saying are those very things that could hold immeasurable joy and give us a huge amount of self worth in healthy pride.

Being brave is saying yes even when your voice shakes.

Fear of falling, failing, humiliation, tight short lycra, looking stupid and being the 'un-sporty' one stopped me from the simplest thing; riding a bike. I grudgingly got on my 'post baby gift' bike... sweated, panted, fell (a lot!), wore very long hot oversized lycra pants, prayed, swore and cried. BUT I tried.

This was one of the first steps on the journey without distance, back to myself, my childhood bliss, facing my fears - 'I laugh in the face of fear...!' Well not always, but here is the thing. I say yes and then I figure it out. When I started I didn't even know bikes had two brakes, big cog, little cog ... huh? My learning curve was steep! But the absolute joy and the amazing sense of pride I have in myself for doing the hardest thing I could imagine is worth every moment of growth; the sweaty ones, the painful ones and yes even the terrifying ones. Because I know I can do it - I proved it to myself, keep proving it to myself.

Just4today - Prove to yourself that you can. Be proud, be brave, say yes!

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