Let go of your 'stories'

The stories we tell ourselves, about who we are, or are not, keep us sick. Not always in the traditional way of thinking. But unless you are achieving all your dreams, have strong boundaries and are realising great personal growth and love - you are not at ease with YOU.

Our stories are not who we are - they are ideas, mostly not even our own; from society, family, friends, media, teachers, lecturers, bosses, collegues, childhood fears and very real physical and mental traumas. Ideas we buy into, hold on to and choose to believe long after the event.

Vernon Howard tells a story in his Secrets of Life about a Fire station where the alarm is raised for a fire.

The Firemen rush out and jump into their fire engines. A passerby asks where they are going, to which the fireman answers: "To a fire that happened 10 years ago."

WHAT? That is absurd, not a rational response and definitely not helpful. Yet that is exactly what we do. We think, respond and are flooded with emotions about events or even just ideas about events that happened in the past. 5, 10 or even 50 years makes little difference to us. We become stuck in the past. A lot of our ideas and beliefs - stories of ourselves are created a long time ago and they just are not true anymore or never were! We hardly ever do a ME inc. audit. How can we know that our thoughts / stories need to be updated if we don't know what they are to begin with?

Is your potential power as YOU is falling short ... Write a list of all the things you KNOW about yourself... now ask yourself - What if this weren't true? - What is the new story that you want about yourself? You have the power - by simply watching your 'thoughts about your stories' and stopping them in their tracks!

Stop putting out the fires in your past.

Say NO! "No way is this the heroine/hero of my story/MY LIFE."

I choose to think this ..................... again and again and again till it is the NEW healthy vibrant story of who you are. Habits in our thinking create who we are - One thought at a time. One day at a time. For a lifetime. Create a new story you are proud of.

Think of it as exercising the 'inner' happiness goddess/hero muscle: Inner-cise! Do YOU gym.

Just4today: Create a great healthy YOU habit - think YOU again, edited, improved and awesome.

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