Bio-Energy Healing

Energy healing is an ancient practice used by people from different cultural, religious and traditional backgrounds to channel 'universal', 'God', 'great spirit' life force energy (light) to someone, something or somewhere. Thanks to Quantum Physics we can now better understand how this is actually possible on an intellectual level while still knowing, or coming to believe, that we are indeed having a deeply spiritual experience and healing.

“According to quantum physics, we are part of a vast, invisible field of energy, which contains all possible realities and responds to our thoughts and our feelings. Think about it - every physical thing in our life is not solid matter but rather, fields of energy or frequency patterns of information. Every human being, along with every material thing in the Universe, broadcast a distinct energy pattern, and this energy carries information.” 1

Some Examples of Somatic Therapies:

  • Massage

  • Postural integration

  • Sensory awareness

  • Body-mind centering

  • Kinetic awareness

  • Martial arts

  • Ayurveda

  • Yoga

  • Polarity therapy

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Reiki

  • Acupressure

  • Meditation in movement

Energy 'medicine' or bio-energy healing can help you regain vitality and health by balancing all aspects of your physical and subtle body – You are more than meets the eye, literally.

Bio-energy healing works with your body's own energy systems which process and relay specific 'information' to each and every cell in your whole body. Our thoughts send 'electrical messages' to our endocrine systems which send 'chemical messages' to our whole body. On top of this - we are constantly receiving energy and information from outside our body - this also affects our energy.


Think of your body as a radio broadcasting but also receiving... mostly with little to no filtering or interruption. Bio-energy healing serves to find all the 'build up, junk, blocks and debris' that accumulates within our subtle bio-energetic body and field. This build-up can leave you feeling blocked in life, work or relationships, which left unchecked can create pain, suffering and even dis-ease. Bio-energy healing works to gently release it and clear it so that you can heal, function better and ultimately thrive and feel vibrantly alive.


I use a combination of Sacred Acoustics' binaural beats for brainwave entrainment, intuitive guidance and Reiki, a type of Somatic Therapy, to help the subtle and physical body heal while facilitating a deep relaxed, meditative state. 


Somatic simply means "having to do with the body" and the word Reiki is formed from 2 Japanese words, Rei – universal power, God, Great spirit or transcendental spirit. Ki – (Chi/Qi) is the essence of vital life force energy. It is a subtle energy that flows within and surrounds all life. It is an essential energy for everything that exists in the physical and spiritual worlds.

The most amazing thing about energy is - you don't need to be in the same room, town or even country as the healer or people sending/doing the healing. Yes Reiki in person comes with the benefit of the laying on of hands and the heat, tingles, cool sensations that often accompany it. But in the world of energy - intention and focus is more important. For more insight there are many amazing books on the quantum world of energy and information. Here are a few resources that have helped me tremendously: 
Lynne McTaggart’s – The Field

Dr. Joe Dispenza's – Becoming Supernatural

Dr Deepak Chopra – Quantum Healing

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