Energy Coaching

Energy coaching re-educates our body-mind though awareness and our response to both internal and external stimulus. I focus on expanding your observation ability, reducing your reactivity to triggers and create new neural circuitry with beneficial 'feed-back' loops for balance, deep peace and happiness... which opens your door to health, vitality and success.

6 Step Process:

  • Empowerment

  • Cleansing

  • Healing

  • Activation

  • Manifestation

  • Connection

When you work in the world of energy and vibration and you match the frequency you want with your body and mind it can be quite a shock at how long you have only accessed half your power.

Energy coaching is a way of looking at the whole body - physical mind-body and also subtle energetic body, which is where the 'programming' begins for the physical. My process is intuitive and I work with where your energy is at. There is no one cookie-cut system and this is important as there is no one like you in the whole world! I work with a 6 step process - which you keep doing as you reach new levels.

1. Empowering:

This is the sciency part where I take the mystery and woo woo out of energy and I give you a deeper understanding into how your atomic and sub-atomic systems work seamlessly to 'create' you and everything you are as well as what and who comes into your life. Love, work, family, health, spiritual all these aspects are created/manifested within us first. Our frequency is created by our quality of energy vibration which then is broadcast like a radio station to its 'audience' being 'people' and 'circumstances' which carry the same energy vibration match. As they say: Misery loves company. This is an inside job and no money, position, car, watch, baby, lover, employer, friend, pill, food or any other external 'thing' can truly raise your energy... first you must understand it.


2. Cleansing:

We unblock your thinking by activating your 'observer' so you can gently and powerfully shift your energy up into a higher vibration, better frequency. When our thinking and emoting changes our frequency changes and our body shifts out unhealthy cells, people and circumstances. You will begin to notice a lot of 'dead-wood', detrimental thinking, feelings, relationships and circumstances will move out of your life. It's like cleaning your home. The home of your soul.


3. Healing:

Learning a new language, how to speak to yourself, see yourself, see others, see opportunity and not be at the mercy of the 'weather' or others' energy. You learn how to balance, rebuild and strengthen your energy, whole body and thus whole life. This healing helps shift stuff that I have personally found conventional therapies to be ineffective in healing. 

4. Activation:

When our energy shifts and we are able to create a different frequency that we 'emit' we attract different things into our lives. I teach you how to focus and activate specific things, people, opportunities and which energy system is used and how to keep them all balanced. You have many systems all waiting for you to use to maintain your new empowered being.


5. Manifestation:

When your vibration is raised your frequency is raised and I teach you how to actively manifest things, people circumstances into your life. I give you tools and resources to be a co-creator in your worlds, both internal and external. This is where we shift from healing to vibrant health and thrive.

6. Connection:

With a new raised frequency you are able to feel deeply aligned and insync with all that is and all circumstances are for your benefit. You will feel a deep sense of purpose and connection to your soul, highest self and your divinity. You will connect with the God of your understanding and all your soul guides with ease and life will be more effortless as you align to your higher purpose.